Santorini // Anna + David from Clarzzique Photography & Video on Vimeo

I love that every wedding has a fun and unique touch which makes it a great joy to be a part of. Anna and David’s wedding was exactly that and being given the opportunity to document it in the amazing landscape of Santorini, Greece just made it that much more special.

Coupled with surprises throughout the day, such as live Greek dancers, confetti, freeing doves, fireworks at the reception and a myriad of Greek culture; this takes a wedding day to a whole new level. Listening to their stories of how they met, their adventures across the world you can immediately see how their wedding day was a reflection of their outgoing personalities.We could not have asked for better weather or a better location, as Santorini really speaks to the goddess in Anna and the adventurous side of David. It was the perfect spot to mark the beginning of married life for this adventurous duo.

It was truly an international affair with family and friends flying in from around the world; Sydney, London and Europe. Everyone was able to experience the adventure that Anna & David had specially planned for them. Travelling is another passion of mine, seeing new worlds and cultures, eating new food and meeting new people. You can imagine how this opportunity was a dream come true and one that I’ll never forget.

Thank you so much Anna and David for having me and sharing your fondness for each other. I had so much fun spending those three days with you, exploring Greece, singing with Joshua, mucking around taking photos and watching David being thrown into the pool. I wish you all the best and I hope your love, sense of adventure and outlook in life will inspire and touch many others.

– William

Music: “Home” (Piano-Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys, “Smile” – Landon Austin
Video filmed and edited by:
William from Clarzzique Photo & Video //Instagram: @William_Huynh // Twitter: @William_Huynh
Photographer: Liam Collard
Ceremony: Dana Villas
Reception: Aghios Artemios
Wedding Singer: Mikaela