About us


We are a team of Sydney-based Photographers and Videographers who have been documenting weddings since 2011. Amongst us, there are movie buffs, tech junkies, crazy plant parents, car enthusiasts, coffee connoisseurs.. just to name a few, but our mutual interest in travel, food, and meeting new people connects us as a team.

We’re often asked – how do you pronounce your name and why this name? Think of the word Classic, jazzed up with an “R” and some “Z’s”.. that sums up what we’re all about – capturing moments as they unfold that way they will be timeless.

We are driven by your story and the connections with your loved ones.

We’re less about posing and more about the candid moments. We understand that some people would freeze up when put in front of a camera, but we can assure you, within a few minutes, you’d forget that we are there. All you’d be doing is having fun and creating memories with those around you.

Do you think we might be a perfect match? If so, drop us a message!