Vanessa & Omar both share a love for the great outdoors, hence the ideal location for the engagement shoot would be in nature and even better if it was a little “wild”. They came across this Orchard in Bilpin which had apples, persimmons, chestnuts and more in season – a picnic in the orchard amongst all these fruit trees sounded like a sweet idea! Vanessa told me that the owner offered to mow the area that we’d like to shoot in but she declined as she wanted that over grown look. Funnily, I would’ve reacted the same too!

It was a fun afternoon wandering through aisles of fruit trees and even picking some too. These two can be unpredictable, just when I thought they were being lovey dovey infront of the camera, they told me at that moment they were actually practising their Jiu Jitsu moves. Those moves surprisingly translated okay in photos! hah!

Thank you so much for just being yourselves guys and also being up for anything!

Hair & Make Up: Mariane Make Up and Hair