Shirley & Jonathan – Hong Kong

Today we are bringing you with us to Hong Kong for an extension wedding that we had the pleasure of capturing. Shirley and Jonathan, both Sydney-siders, tied the knot in Sydney in a small chapel at the amazing Little Bay but with Shirley’s family originally from Hong Kong, they decided to have a second celebration over there. The beginning of their love story is short, simple and memorable with their history dating all the way back to University days. It was the end of the semester and they were both in the same class, Jon had a realisation that he might not actually see her again in a different class the following semester. He mustered up any confidence and courage he had to do something out of his own character, and he walked up to Shirley and started a conversation. We can only guess that this particular conversation would be filled with awkward silence and laughters but we are glad to find out that it was the start to a beautiful and flourishing love story.

It’s always amazing for a photographer to be able to travel and doing what they love in a different environment but I was initially nervous since Hong Kong is somewhat the polar opposite to what you see in Sydney. I did not speak the language and it was not a full wedding with a ceremony and full reception so I thought about what else I can capture to create a mini story for them. Fortunately, Hong Kong was kind to me and even with a questionable start with the weather, Hong Kong gave amazing backdrops and inspirations in its own quirky way.

We ended up spending a long day together from the morning to a bit of travelling and photoshoot after the reception ended. At the end, as anyone would have expected, it was an amazing experience and we are grateful to have been able to share this amazing journey with the lovely couple!

Photographer: Daniel // Clarzzique
Hair & Make Up:
 Windy Fung
Bride’s dress:
Bridal Chic
Groom & Groomsmen suits: Emporio Armani
Reception: Star of Canton Restaurant, Tsim Sha Tsui



We start the morning at Tai Wai just a few stops north of Central


This was the apartment that Jon and Shirley were staying at for the trip, it was Shirley’s Aunt and Uncle’s place. It had a bit more room than most Hong Kong Apartments so it was good for photos with that soft light blasting into the rooms


The view out of the apartment. Hong Kong truly is the concrete jungle of the east with apartment blocks everywhere you see, they still had a lot of empty land in Hong Kong but they save space in the residential and commercial areas by building vertically. The day started with a very worrying sky with on and off rain every few minutes


We scheduled in some photoshoot time before the reception as there was no ceremony being held. The first stop was at a mountain called Fei Ngo San (飛鵞山), it was supposed to give us an amazing view of one side of Hong Kong. But the higher we went up the mountain the worst the weather got, the peak of it was covered in fog and rain with some blistering cold winds. Over the lookout you could only just see a bit of the view, but these guys were still all smiles. Shirley never had a moment of worry or stress about the dress or her hair and make up which made shooting with these guys an absolute pleasure.



We then went down to Tsim Sha Tsui at the Star Ferry Wharf and lucky for us the weather got better to make way for some cool shots here.


The Hong Kong city skyline really does give an amazing backdrop especially on a cloudy day like this


The Star Ferry Wharf is known to be a very popular place for tourists in Hong Kong so we went below under the shade to check it out


The reception venue was in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui and in front of it was this busy yet vibrant pedestrian crossing. So I took advantage of it to create some nice motion shots


What a breathtaking view from the reception venue, Hong Kong goes beyond my expectation, it’s so vibrant and full of life


A few hours spent walking and travelling through various weather conditions, and these guys are still full of life and laughter


Friends, family and extended family enjoyed going down memory lane as they watched a slideshow of the couple growing up


Its a custom for a wedding in Hong Kong for the couple and the family to stand in line at the exit as they say their thanks and goodbyes to all the guest at the end of the night.


After the reception, the night was still relatively young so we ventured out to Mong Kok through the MTR for some more shots to remember Hong Kong


Rain drops, neon signs, giant billboards, an empty street and a beautiful couple…PERFECT!






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