Meet the Team

At Clarzzique Photography & Video we aim to capture your love story in its most beautiful light and put together as a timeless collection of still and moving images. We have a very unobtrusive approach to documenting wedding days, we do love shooting candidly but of course we also provide guidance along the way to achieve the most natural results possible. 

We love being able to connect with our clients from the very start, getting to know them personally, their love story and their vision for the big day as it inspires the way we capture moments. Most of our team members have been documenting weddings full time since 2011! So you can imagine how many love stories we have had the honour of narrating.

Professionally, we’re a team of Sydney based wedding photographers and videographers, but outside of this title we are a tight knit group of friends who have met each other through different stages of life such as university and mutual friends, so in a nutshell… we work pretty well together ;) Our shared interests as a team, include our love for food, traveling and board games, we have a couple of car enthusiasts as well… so hopefully that’s enough to start a conversion!

*Oh and incase you were wondering how to pronounce our name, it’s Clar-zz-ique… but we won’t blame you if you pronounce it differently!

Here are some of the faces you might meet at your first consultation and/or wedding day:

Clarissa Photographer & Admin

lucia1Lucia Photographer

Alfred Photographer

Lalisa Photographer

Daniel Videographer

Amielia Videographer

Felicia Videographer

William Videographer