Meet the Team

We’re a team creatives based in Sydney with a shared passion for all things wedding. Outside of Clarzzique we are a tight knit group of friends who love traveling and trying out the latest food places.

At Clarzzique we aim to capture your love story in its most beautiful light. We have a very natural and unobtrusive approach to our visual storytelling and most of the time you wouldn’t realise we were there until you see the photos and videos. 

Incase you were wondering how to pronounce our name, it’s Clar-zz-ique… and if you are even more curious of how that came about – it’s just a fun play on letters between our founder’s name (Clarissa) and the word Classic… because our goal is to put together a timeless collection of moments that will bring you a smile for many years to come! :)

Clarissa Photographer

lucia1Lucia Photographer

Alfred Photographer

Lalisa Photographer

Daniel Videographer

Amielia Videographer

Felicia Videographer

William Videographer